Search engine, directories, yellow pages and portals

The portal look provides a broader platform for the company to promote their different services but it also fragments the visitors. Classified directories and yellow pages web sites list businesses (both online and offline) segregated into different categories or geographic locations. These may also include an internal search engine that helps users quickly locate information.

Information web sites

These are the types of web sites are dedicated to the purpose of providing information - whether free or paid.

Personal web sites

Personal web sites can contain any kind of information and are usually administered by a single individual who can choose whatever to put online.

Blogs and online diaries

From ramblings of a wandering mind to detailed and specific information on technical fields, the content of blog types of web site can vary widely.

Company web sites

Most company web sites have just a few pages of information on the business, its services and clients. These are more like "online brochures"

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